Seamless toes. All you need to know.

Seamless toe refers to the seam where the reinforced toe meets the main tube of the sock. On almost all socks at this junction you will find a raised seam where the two sections are sewn together. For many this isn’t a problem, however for some this can be an irritation. Arduous footwork or perhaps specific shoes may be factors. Whatever the cause, a solution is available.

Traditionally this solution would come in the form of a hand-linked toe - where each thread is linked by hand, typically by an older, highly skilled worker. This is an elegant but time consuming solution. And as the years pass, so the number of workers with this skill diminishes.

Thankfully, technical innovation within sock machines has caught up. Only the best machines are now able to replicate the hand-linked toe, producing a perfect flat seam, achieving the same luxury feel and performance.

All Madder socks have seamless toes.